Wasp Nest Removal Around Milton Keynes

Wasp Nest Removal Milton Keynes

GMS Pest Control offers a wasp nest removal service which is fast and effective with same day or next-day service, and we are available every day and for a set price of £40 the first nest is treated and then its £10 a nest thereafter in the same property and in the same visit.

In Milton Keynes and surrounding area’s wasp nests become more of a summer problem and in the early warmer autumn months because Hornets and wasps are able to give you a sting that is not only very painful but in some cases causes a condition called anaphylactic shock. This is a reaction to the venom from the wasp if it went untreated immediately could kill you. This is very rare and only really affects 3 in every 100 people who have been stung, but still none the less you must be aware of the dangers of wasp nests and especially with a young family present.

The wasp nest starts, firstly, in the warm days of spring by a queen. The queen, starts off and builds a very small nest and just produces a small handful of worker wasps who will subsequently look after her and her offspring, and they then work on making the nest bigger. If a nest is left untreated, it will normally grow to contain between 3,000 and 5,000 plus wasps so the sooner you get your wasp nest treated the better it is.

Wasp nest removal in Milton Keynes is a simple enough job for a trained pest controller and is usually treated with an insecticide powder which is used around the entrances and inside to the nest. You don’t need to remove the old wasp nest as wasps and Hornets will never use the same nest once it has been treated as they like to build a new one each year.

Do you have a lot of summer wasps but cannot find their nest?

At GMS Pest Control, I’m able to supply you and install the WaspBane, which is a trap to protect the areas of your home or business from annoying wasps. The WaspBane is ideal for decking, patios, beer gardens, barbeques, food stalls, in fact, anywhere where wasps are likely to be hanging around.

Wasps Nest Removal Milton Keynes

I honestly think that the WaspBane traps are one of the best wasp traps present and unlike many of the other traps available the WaspBane kills every single wasp whom it catches. The homemade traps and other traps available do not kill the wasps and so the wasps just use the traps as the source of food for the nest.

If you don’t kill every single wasp who visits a wasp trap the wasps who make it out alive will return to the trap with more wasps, and this will simply make your problem worst. This is why I love the WaspBane so much as it is just so effective.

If you are looking at protecting gardens or patios, then the WaspBane needs to be set up down wind from the area you wish to keep wasp free. So basically the wind should get the area you want protected before it gets to the WaspBane. I can set this all up for you when I deliver it to your premises.

The brilliant thing about the WaspBane is that it only targets wasps, and it doesn’t attract bees or any other animal it was not targeted. The pesticide used in the WaspBane is toxic free, and so it produces zero risks to any other animals or insects.

If you have any questions or problems, then, please contact us, and I will be happy to help you out. We are based in Milton Keynes, but we look after the surrounding areas, including Bedfordshire and North Buckinghamshire.

You may have found us on www.waspsnestremovals.co.uk let us know when you call if have 🙂

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