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Cockroaches are a nocturnal insect, and they spend the daytime hiding in cracks and dark corners around your home like drains, sinks and cookers. You may see the cockroaches when you come home from a night out, and you flick the light on. We have been to some properties in Milton Keynes where there have been a huge infestation of cockroaches, and they give off an unpleasant smell that is similar to almonds.

A very common cockroach around the Milton Keynes and Bedford areas is the German cockroach. The German cockroach measures about t 1.2 cm to 1.7 cm long which makes it one of the smaller cockroaches.

The cockroach is normally a light-brown colour and has a couple of dark streaks going from the bottom of the wings to the head of the cockroach. Although the cockroach does have wings, but it is a very clumsy flyer, and it cannot sustain flight.

Cockroaches are very often found living in restaurants, hotels, nursing homes and in colder climates very much like the UK it will only be found in places where humans are living or eating.

Why Cockroaches Are Bad For You And Your Family

Cockroaches can carry food poisoning organisms and the germs that can be spread from the body of cockroach or even from the droppings that the cockroaches leave.

Cockroaches will eat almost anything and even faecal matter, and this is why they are not very nice to have around your home, especially if you have a young family.

How To Control Cockroaches

Getting rid of cockroaches is a very demanding task and should be done by a professional pest control company just like GMS Pest Control. Cockroaches are very hard to treat because the places they hide in are often quite difficult to get to with insecticides and because cockroaches breed so quickly so doing a thorough treatment is extremely important.

The first thing you need to do is work out approximately how many cockroaches are in your property, and the best time to do this is at night as this is as I said earlier is the time they come out. Using a red light is a great way of seeing them as cockroaches don’t appear to react to that light.

Ensuring that your property has a high level of hygiene is critical if you want to start controlling your cockroach infestation. So like with most pests if you remove their access to any food and water. Not only will this start to deter them, it will also drive them to start taking our pesticides and treatments.

It is very important that you start sorting out your cockroach problem as quickly as possible as it is essential you don’t leave them to breed.

If you live in Milton Keynes or of the local area, and you have problems with cockroaches or in fact, any other pest then, please call us, and we will be more than happy to help.

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