How to get rid of Bedbugs

Bedbugs are a worldwide problem and most backpackers who stay in hostels and travel a lot would have no doubt come into contact with bedbugs at some point in their travels. Recently there has been reports of a surge in Bedbugs in Milton Keynes, this could be due to changes in the environment but most likely its because we are moving around a whole lot more.

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Bed Bugs can be a very annoying pest who can affect everybody they come into contact with. They can be found anywhere that humans can be found not only in your homes, hotels and youth hostel but also on trains, buses, cinemas or even your offices. It’s a common myth that they hide in just beds and furniture like sofas, but they can be found behind pictures, plug sockets, wallpaper and to honest any place than hide whether it’s a crack or small hole.

Bed bugs don’t as far as we know to carry any diseases but its their bites that cause the suffering to people with sensitive skin due to the overwhelming itching, and this itching can cause another infection due to the scratching that you cannot avoid.

Bed Bugs are very hard to treat but at GMS Pest Control, I follow the European code of practice for Bed Bug management, and all of our treatments must begin with a comprehensive in depth survey to work out all the areas where the infestation has taken place, and this is what takes the time.

You need to treat bedbugs like all other pests and the quicker you treat them the better chance you have of controlling the infestation and that often means it works out a lot cheaper for the customer, and we should only need to do one follow-up visit to determine if the bed bugs are now under control.

If you have bedbugs in Milton Keynes or the surrounding areas, then, please contact us, and I will be more than happy to help you solve your bed bug problems.

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