Flea Pest Control In Milton Keynes

If you live in Milton Keynes, then like anywhere else in the UK, you will find that fleas can be a problem, especially if you have pets like cats or dogs. GMSPest Control has been giving the domestic and commercial sectors of Milton Keynes a first-class service to get rid of those fleas and of course other pests you may have in your property.

Flea Control - Flea exterminator Milton Keynes

About Fleas In Milton Keynes Properties

Fleas are a small wingless insect and are a reddish-brown colour and all fleas are blood suckers and parasites of warm-blooded animals. The flea has spines that are pointed backwards, and it has some truly powerful legs that allow it to jump so high and can actually jump over 200 times their own body length. Cat fleas are extremely common in properties in not only Milton Keynes, but all over the UK, and they will bite humans and frequently attacking your ankles and legs.

You will find that fleas that are in properties where there are not any pet, for example, cats or dogs then we will need to take a look in the loft space looking for old bird’s nests. Fleas are known to stay dormant in properties over long periods of time, and this is when you need to call GMS Pest Control or in fact, as soon as you can as the sooner you try to get the fleas under control the better it will be.

There are lots of DIY products on the market for the treatment of pet fleas, and most of these can be bought over the counter. If the treatment is going to be successful, the adult flea needs to be controlled, and this means doing a deep treatment of anywhere your pets have been in contact and in most cases these are all soft furnishings.

Using a vacuum cleaner in all the nooks and crannies of your sofa will go a long way to help control the fleas. However, remember to throw away the waste from the vacuum cleaner properly as you don’t want to make the problems worse.

How to spot fleas in your Milton Keynes Property

One of the first signs of fleas in your property is that your pets will start scratching, and you should be able to see the fleas in your pets fur coat. Fleas are at their most prominent in the height of summer. However, now that most homes are centrally heated then they will still thrive in winter.

However, even though I mentioned that with centrally heated homes, fleas could still be rife throughout your property, winter is at the same time a good time to de flea. Even so, making sure that your pet’s fleas are controlled is vital to ensure that your legs don’t get bitten, and you are not left scratching.

At GMS Pest Control, we have very reasonable prices as we are local run business, and we are able to keep our running costs down, and this is why we can pass the saving on to you the customer. We can go through all of your pest-control needs and with no call out fee we can help you from start to finish with your flea control needs.

If you find you have a Flea infestation in Milton Keynes or surrounding areas, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to help you.

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