Bird Control Using Falconry

Bird Control Milton Keynes

In Milton Keynes and especially Bedford, there are a lot of pigeons and using birds of prey like Hawks and Falcons as pigeons don’t hang around when there are these fantastic birds flying around as they are pigeon’s natural predator, and pigeons can be moved in as a couple of visits a week from our birds.

Bird Pest Control Milton KeynesUsing a Harris Hawk is a fantastic way to control urban areas where the general public is, such as railway stations, sports grounds, car parks, shopping halls and many other places around Milton Keynes.

The reason why our Harris Hawk is such a great pest controller in the urban built-up areas as it takes its prey on the ground instead of in flight, so he doesn’t have to match the speed of his prey. The Harris Hawk doesn’t know this and nor does the prey because they never hang around long enough to find out.

So what this does is that if an interested public member sees’s us with a harris hawk, no birds have been harmed or killed in any way, they simple have been moved on by a stunning and majestic looking bird. Over time the pigeons or the pests will have gone, and we will no longer be needed with our Harris Hawk.

Pest Control Using Birds Of Prey Milton Keynes

If you are interested in our Falconry Pest control in Milton Keynes of Bedford please contact us, and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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