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Ants are a very social pest as they live in extremely organised colonies and there are three types of ants in these colonies. You have the males and a single queen along with the worker ants which are the infertile female ants. They all look different, and they all have their own roles to play in the colony.

The queen ant is the important ant in the colony, and only she can produce ant eggs.

The Black Ant also known as the garden ant is the dark ant you usually find their nests in the soil underneath stones or paving slabs, which is why patios are a perfect place for them to breed and if your patio gets lots of sunshine then you will no doubt have problems with ants.

You may have seen swarms of flying ants late in the summer months as this is when they do their breeding. They actually mate in flight and soon after the males will die while the queen will go off and find a nice place for her to start her colony, and she will hibernate over winter so that she has enough energy to start her serious egg laying in spring.

In early summer, you will often find ants in your homes. This is because they are in search of food so that they can feed the young ants in the colony ants don’t often invade your home in big numbers, but they do follow a well worked out route from the nest to where there is food and there will be constant traffic too and from the nest. To the untrained eye, you will start to think that you are being over run with ants but don’t panic you are not.

Don’t worry as there are many ways to deal with unwanted ants in your home.

Dealing with Ants

One of the best ways of dealing with ants in Milton keynes is to try to stop where they are coming into your property for. Ants are a very determined insect, and they are constantly on the hunt for food. They can get into jars and containers with the tightest of tops. There are ant proof containers on the market which you can use if find that you are getting more and more ants in your food.

Ants don’t just have a sweet tooth, they like foods that are high in protein and this includes things like pet food and meats so you need to be vigilant and do your best to keep these secure. Along with keeping services and floors clean and this will make things a little harder for those annoying little ants.

It is also fairly important to work out how the ants are getting into your home and then do your best to seal off the entrance by filling the gaps. Ants don’t like crossing sticky surfaces and there are lots of products on the market, or you could use Vaseline as this can be a very simple and quite effective sticky barrier solution.

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Killing individual ants is not going to work, people pour boiling water over them and this doesn’t really have any effect, maybe if you found the nest, then that would help a bit to slow things down while you get a few other methods in place.

There are chemicals available and prove to be very effective, but you need to take good care of what else can be effected and of course read the instructions carefully. I know a lot of people don’t like chemicals, especially if you have pets and young children so it is always wise to check to make sure that it only targets ants.

Ant baits are a great product, and they work by taking advantage of the ants’ food sharing habits which what they do naturally, and these ant bait products can kill a whole colony of ants. The bait has a slow releasing toxic which is passed through the ant’s colony, and it will eventually kill the whole nest, and this is including the queen ant as well.

The trouble with these baits is that they must, firstly, be found by the ants that are on the search for food and then taken back to the rest of the nest, and this is why this is a slow process of dealing with the ants, and this method won’t be as effective if there are other food sources available to the nest of ants.

At GMS Pest Control, we understand that sharing your property with ants can be frustrating but simply doing a few of these things above you will certainly do what you can to control the problem. If you are at your wits end with ants, then, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to help you.

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